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Adjustable Beds come in your choice of Twin, Full, Queen, King, Dual Queen and Dual King. Adjustable Beds come in your choice of 3 different Lengths: 74", 80" and 84" long. The Twinsize is 38" wide; the Full Size is 53" wide; the Queensize is 60" wide; the California King is 72" wide and the California King is 76" wide; the Dual King is 76" wide and the Dual Queen is 60" wide. The one-piece King comes in California King and Eastern Kingsize: California King is 72" x 84" and the Eastern King is 76" x 80" (or 76" x 84"). For two people, we usually recommend the Dual Queen or Dual King. The 80" Length in Adjustble Beds is considered the Standard Adjustable Bed Length. If you are 5'3" or shorter, you can buy the 74" length; but we still recommend the 80" length. If you are 6'1" or taller we recommend the 84" Length. We highly recommend the Latexpedic 7" Latex Mattress, 9" High Profile Latex Mattress and the 11" THE ULTIMATE Latex Mattress; which are all available in your choice of four different firmnesses:  Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm.  The Latexpedic Mattress come in your choice of Classic, Natural and Organic. 



7" Model LM - Latex Mattress
reverie bed
motorized bed
twin x 80"

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9" Model HP-High Profile
twin reverie 38" x 80" med-lift
san bernardino latex mattress
twinsize high profile 9" mattress
ergomotion wh2 wh2
11" THE ULTIMATE - Latex Mattress
twins tempurapedic twin electropedic ergomotion
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twin 38" x 84" electric bed discount adjustable bed
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Electric Adjustable Bed Mattresses


Before you buy a Latex Mattress, please let us know:

  1. What type of mattress you are basically interested in.
  2. Your body weight
  3. How old you are
  4. Whether you have a bad back or not.
  5. Whether you have Arthritis or not.
Standard 7" Latex Mattress
This standard mattress has a 6" core of genuine Talalay Latex Foam from Latex International.   Available in Soft (6" 28ILD); Regular Firm (6" 32ILD), Extra Firm (6" 36ILD) and Ultra Firm (6" 44ILD).  
9" LatexPillo Latex Mattress
The 9" LatexPillo Mattress has a 3.5" Pocketed Coil System Inside and surrounded on both sides with 2" of genuine Talalay Latex on both sides 
9" High Profile Latex Mattress
The 9" High Profile Mattress has a 6" core of genuine Talalay Latex Foam Inside surrounded on both sides with 1" of Softer Talalay Latex. 
10" Solid Core Latex Mattress
The Solid Core Latex Mattress by Latexpedic is the newest edition to the Latexpedic Line.  Incorporating a SOLID CORE of 9" of the same density genuine Talalay Latex Foam from Latex International.  
11" Organic Cotton Latex Mattress
The 11" Organic Coton Mattress has a 6" core of genuine Talalay Latex in the middle, surrounded on both sides with 1.5" of Softer Talalay Latex.
Natural Latex
The Natural Latex Mattress by Latexpedic are available in both Natural and Certified Organic (in any of the models above) Latex, Quilting and Covering.


Pocket Coils - Innerspring


Air Mattress


Memory Foam


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ELECTRO-PEDIC is the most trusted name in Adjustble Beds and Adjustable Bed Mattresses. 
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Electrically adjust your back and your legs to almost any position you desire, making the one third of your life you spend in bed, more luxurious.  Select a Size, Manufacturer, Mattress and Options for your personal use, and take a health break: Twins, Fulls, Queens, Kings, Dual Queens and Dual King; ELECTRO-PEDIC  Leggett & Platt (Prodigy, S-Cape)  Flex-A-Bed  Reverie  Ergomotion  Primo; Latex Foam  Memory Foam  Innerspring-Coil  Air.  We highly recommend the ELECTRO-PEDIC Factory Direct WH2 Adjustable Bed with the Latexpedic Latex Foam Mattress.